Brook Industrial : Nigeria’s Trusted Industrial Tool Supplier

Brook Industrial : Nigeria’s Trusted Industrial Tool Supplier

You know a quality tool when you see one. As a tradesman, builder or serious DIYer, using the right tools for the job is key. Forget those cheap imported brands that break after a few uses, you need industrial-grade tools built to last. That’s where Expert by FACOM comes in. For over 90 years, FACOM has been producing premium hand tools, wrenches, sockets and tool storage solutions used by professionals worldwide. Now, Expert by FACOM is bringing that same standard of excellence to customers in Nigeria. Whether you need a durable set of spanners, precise digital torque wrenches or a modular tool cabinet to house your collection, Expert by FACOM has you covered. With a lifetime guarantee and prices aimed at both hobbyists and professionals, you can tackle any task with confidence knowing you’ve got the best tools for the job. Expert by FACOM – for the expert in you.

Introduction to Expert by FACOM: A Leader in Industrial Tools

Expert by FACOM has been a leader in industrial tools and equipment in Nigeria since 1999. Whether you need wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers or full tool kits, Expert by FACOM has you covered. Their high quality, durable tools are trusted by professionals and hobbyists alike to get the job done.

A Wide Range of Products

Expert by FACOM offers a vast selection of hand tools, power tools, welding equipment, pneumatic tools and more. Some of their most popular products include:

  • Socket sets: They offer socket sets with every drive size and socket size you could need. Their chrome vanadium steel sockets provide maximum torque and longevity.

-Wrenches: Expert by FACOM has every wrench style from adjustable wrenches to torque wrenches to meet your needs. Their wrenches are precision forged for a perfect fit.

-Hammers: Whatever you need to pound, Expert by FACOM has a hammer for the task from ball peen hammers to rubber mallets and everything in between.

-Screwdrivers: Expert by FACOM produces high quality screwdrivers, nut drivers and sets that no toolkit is complete without.

In addition to their wide range of hand tools, Expert by FACOM also supplies high-performance power tools, welding equipment, pneumatic tools, tool storage and other equipment for professionals. They aim to be your single source for all industrial tools and equipment.

With fair prices, high quality products and dedicated customer service, it’s no wonder that Expert by FACOM has become the most trusted name in industrial tools across Nigeria. For all your tool needs, think Expert by FACOM.

Expert by FACOM’s Extensive Range of Hand Tools for Professionals

Expert by FACOM offers a wide range of high-quality hand tools specially designed for professionals. Whether you’re an electrician, plumber, carpenter or mechanic, they have the tools you need to get the job done.

Their wrench and socket sets are expansive, with options for any fastener size. The chrome vanadium steel provides maximum torque and longevity. For cutting, they offer utility knives, snips, wire cutters and more. The ergonomic handle designs reduce hand strain for those long days on the job.

Hammers? They have framing hammers, claw hammers, rubber mallets and dead blow hammers. The precision-balanced heads drive nails efficiently and minimize vibration. For measuring and marking, choose from tape measures, levels, chalk lines and pencils. Each tool is carefully calibrated to ensure the utmost accuracy.

Pliers and grips? Needle nose, linesman, slip joint, locking – they have it all. The double-dipped handles give you a firm, comfortable grip in any situation.

Whether electrical, construction, HVAC or automotive, Expert by FACOM provides specialized tools for your trade. Their high-performance, industrial-grade tools are built to handle the most demanding jobs while maximizing safety, efficiency and ease of use.

So for your professional tool needs in Nigeria, look no further than Expert by FACOM. Their dedication to premium quality, innovative design and affordable pricing has made them Nigeria’s trusted supplier of industrial tools and equipment for over 30 years. Your search for the best hand tools ends here.

Top Industries Relying on Expert by FACOM Hand Tools in Nigeria

Expert by FACOM hand tools and equipment are essential for many industries in Nigeria. Several sectors rely heavily on FACOM’s high-quality tools and machines to keep operations running smoothly.


Nigeria’s agricultural industry depends on Expert by FACOM tools like hammers, wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers for equipment maintenance and repair. Farmers use FACOM tools for fixing tractors, harvesters, irrigation systems, and more. Robust, durable tools that can withstand frequent use and exposure to outdoor conditions are necessary in this sector.


Mechanics in Nigeria’s automotive industry turn to Expert by FACOM for essential tools like ratchets, sockets, spanners and specialty tools designed for work on vehicles. Trusted, precision-engineered tools are critical for servicing and repairing cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Mechanics rely on FACOM’s professional-grade tools to complete jobs efficiently and ensure road safety.


The construction sector utilizes a wide range of Expert by FACOM tools, from basic hand tools like tape measures, levels and utility knives to power tools such as drills/drivers, sanders, and saws. Construction workers handle heavy-duty tasks, so they need tools that are durable, ergonomic, and able to withstand the challenges of outdoor jobsites. FACOM tools provide the power, performance and longevity required for construction projects.


Factories and industrial plants use Expert by FACOM tools for assembly, maintenance, and repair of equipment. Wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and similar hand tools are essential for installing and servicing machinery. Power tools like grinders, sanders and drills are also important for fabrication work. High-quality, professional-grade tools that can handle repetitive tasks are critical in manufacturing. FACOM meets the needs of this sector with a wide range of reliable, long-lasting tools and equipment.

Why Choose Expert by FACOM for All Your Industrial Tool Needs

Expert by FACOM has been the go-to supplier for industrial tools in Nigeria for over 50 years. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Expert by FACOM for all your tool needs:

Quality and Durability

Expert by FACOM is synonymous with high quality, durable tools built to withstand heavy-duty use. Their tools are precision engineered using premium materials to ensure maximum strength and longevity. Expert by FACOM’s hand tools in particular are renowned for their ruggedness and ability to stand up to the toughest jobs.

Innovative Products

Expert by FACOM continuously improve their products to incorporate the latest innovations and technologies. They offer specialized tools for various industries like automotive, construction, and manufacturing. Expert by FACOM is always designing new tools to improve efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Comprehensive Range

Expert by FACOM offers a complete collection of industrial tools including wrenches, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, and precision tools. No matter what tool you need for your project, Expert by FACOM will have it. They are truly a one-stop shop for all industrial tool requirements.

Excellent Customer Service

Expert by FACOM prides themselves on providing the best customer service experience. Their dedicated staff are highly knowledgeable about all their products and able to provide expert recommendations and advice. Expert by FACOM also offers product guarantees, repairs, and spare parts to support their valued customers.

Trusted Brand

Expert by FACOM is an internationally recognized brand that has earned the trust and loyalty of professionals and industries across Nigeria. When you choose Expert by FACOM, you know you are getting the best. Their reputation for high quality, durable and innovative tools is unmatched. For all your industrial tool needs, Expert by FACOM is the brand you can depend on.

Finding the Right Expert by FACOM Supplier or Retailer Near You

Finding the right Expert by FACOM supplier or retailer near you is key to getting the best deals and service. With many options around Nigeria, it can be tricky to determine which store is your best choice. Here are some tips to help you in your search:

Do Some Research

Check reviews from other customers on Google, Jiji, and Konga to get a sense of the reputability and service of different retailers. Look for stores with mostly positive reviews mentioning good customer service, quality products, and fair prices. This can help narrow down your options to a few of the top suppliers in your area.

Visit Their Website or Store

Once you have some promising candidates, visit their website or physical store if possible. Look for a wide selection of Expert by FACOM tools and equipment in stock. Established stores that specialize in power tools and equipment are more likely to have a lot of experience helping customers. See if they offer any additional benefits like product guarantees, repair services or bulk discounts for large orders.

Check Their Credentials

Make sure any retailer you buy from is an authorized Expert by FACOM distributor or reseller. Ask them directly about their relationship with FACOM and how long they have been selling the brand’s products. Unauthorized sellers will not honor FACOM’s manufacturer warranties and you risk receiving counterfeit tools. Always buy from trusted sources.

Don’t Forget Location and Price

Consider a store’s location and pricing in your final decision. While quality and service are most important, you want a supplier within a reasonable distance of your location for convenience. You should also compare prices across your top options to get the best overall value. An ideal retailer will meet all your needs for expertise, selection, credentials, location, and fair pricing.

With some time and research, you’ll find an Expert by FACOM retailer you can rely on for all your industrial tool needs. Building a good relationship with a trusted supplier will ensure you get the best tools and service for years to come.


So there you have it, if you’re in the market for high-quality industrial tools that will get the job done, look no further than Expert by FACOM. They’ve been supplying Nigeria’s industries and tradesmen with precision hand tools and equipment for over 50 years. With a wide selection, competitive prices, and a trusted reputation for reliability, it’s no wonder they’re considered Nigeria’s go-to source. Whether you need a basic set of wrenches or a highly specialized pneumatic tool, Expert by FACOM likely has you covered. Next time you’ve got a project that requires precision tools, do yourself a favor and check them out. Your tools are too important to settle for anything less than the best, and with Expert by FACOM, you’ll be in expert hands.


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